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Interested in building unity in your community for AB2200/CalCare? Do you have questions? Or have friends, an organization, club or group that you would like to participate in the CalCare Solidarity Project, but need more information?


Host an information session. We will go over information about AB2200/CalCare, have a Q&A, and give a live tutorial on completing the form letter with/photo.


Contact us here to schedule an informational session.


Thanks for submitting!

This project is funded and powered by grassroots volunteers. We have a deep concern about the state of health care in our country. While our country is the richest in the world people go without health care they need because it is not affordable. People are vulnerable to bankruptcy because they have the audacity to become ill or injured.  Health Care is a Human Right that is realized in countries around the world with less money and resources than us. It is a false narrative that we the richest country in the world and CA the 4th largest economy in the world that we can not afford to provide guaranteed health care for all. We can fund AB2200/CalCare it is up to our elected representatives to figure out the mechanism. We strive to advance single-payer healthcare legislation have it passed and implemented in the state of CA or Federally.  

Donations are not tax-deductible & are managed by our partner

organization FTB-SFV

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