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Project Solidarity Action
Photo Petition

Yes a picture is worth a thousand words!

Your Photo on this Petition Will Convey so much Influence...

Humanity + Solidarity + Strength + Power + Resolve + Empathy + Security+ Love + Mother + Father + Sister + Brother... 

Complete this support form letter & upload photo or upload a selfie 
​Your letter & photo will be an influence to your legislators to
co-author & prioritize AB2200/CalCare California Guaranteed Health Care for All Act

Your photo will be stitched into a quilt of solidarity!

When finished ask family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, fellow students to complete & take a photo!

Your photo, your face demonstrates the humanity that is reflected in the CalCare policy.


Dear Assembly-member and State Senator, I CalCare and you should also.Please sign on as co-author and prioritize the passage and implementation of AB2200 the California Guaranteed Health Care for All Act.    

Find your State Legislators here;  
Fill in your Assembly-member and State Senator's name below.                                            
Upload Photo
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