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Currently in California we have an opportunity to provide comprehensive health care that is guaranteed and affordable to all residents of CA. A clear concrete path outlined in Assembly Bill - 2200 the California Guaranteed Health Care for All aka CalCare. This legislation would transform our health care system benefitting our health and our personal economies.

A majority of Californians support the health care system AB2200/CalCare would establish. However only a handful of our legislators have the political courage or will to do what is necessary, to do what is right. It is up to us the constituents to influence our representatives to do the right thing. 

Together in solidarity we will create a union of constituents who will work collectively to attain the health care we deserve. California has 80 Assembly Districts representing diverse communities across the state. The project goal is to capture 10%-15% of the constituency's support in each district and have them participate in the project. As a participant they will allow the use of their photograph to present as proof positive to our representatives the will of the people. Doing so will amplify our voices with an undeniable optic presence that will find our representatives hard pressed to ignore the solidarity of our community unions have for AB2200. 

Similar to work place union organizing we will be organizing our communities to support AB2200 (CalCare).  We will have our legislative representatives bargaining with us for their legislative seat in exchange for guaranteed comprehensive health care!

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